Spring Wood's Rabbitry

Breeding and raising Mini Rex rabbits

Royal Colors Sterling.    Jr. Dutch Buck from Todd Biddle.

SPRING WOOD'S COKE,4th Chocolate Sr buck ARBA 2013 convention in youth

SPRING WOOD'S OREO,BOSV Chocolate in youth


Dutch Bucks

Spring Wood's Coca,2 GC Legs             


Dutch by Design's Jazz

Color: Chocolate

 Show Wins: 3rd at PaSRBA, Lebanon, PA 2/4/2012

 Jazz is our herd buck.








SPRING WOOD'S MOCHA,8th out of 16 junior does in youth 2013 ARBA convention

Junior Chocolate doe,Hawkeyes 332H purchased from the Mixdorfs at 2013 ARBA Convention

Dutch Does .Spring Wood's  Kristy.Out of Nelson's 10N94 and Dutch by Design's Jazz,Kristy placed 6th Sr doe in youth at 2013 ARBA convention

Spring Wood's Skye . 5 Grand Champion legs,This Doe is out of Dutch by Design's Jazz and a awesome doe named Shasta.Skye was retired from showing,Then she looked so good we showed her again  and she won another leg!

Member of the National Mini Rex Rabbit Club

Also a member of ARBA (American Rabbit Breeders Association)