Spring Wood's Rabbitry

Breeding and raising Mini Rex rabbits

Blueberry Hill's C20, Broken Blue self chinchilla Jr doe.C20 is almost all Comparts mini rex in her pedigree,We plan to use her with our Silver Marten Mini Rex

Spring Wood's Coffee,Jr Chinchilla doe out of Spring Wood's Shadow and Icebox's #62 Silver Marten Buck,Has long ears in picture but they are still under 3 and half inches.Coffee won 2nd Jr doe  at ARBA 2013 convention in open


Spring Wood's Butterball,Broken Chinchilla doe out of Larues LL441 and Blueberry Hills SS22

SPRING WOOD'S JASMINE,She was 3rd Silver Marten Sr doe at 2013 ARBA convention in open

HOP CHOCOLATES HC 400,Broken Chocolate Sr doe.


Spring Wood's Squirrel,Chinchilla Jr doe


Member of the National Mini Rex Rabbit Club

Also a member of ARBA (American Rabbit Breeders Association)